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Ventotene is a volcanic island of the Pontine Islands archipelago, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, about 40 kilometres (24.8 mi) north-west from Ponza. It is an island of Greek and Roman origin. Ventotene became famous thanks to the Emperor Augusto, who exiled her daughter Giulia, and the Emperor Tiberio, who did the same with his granddaughter Agrippina in 29 BC. The island has many archeological villas ruins, ancient roman aqueducts and typical fish markets carved in the tuff (volcanic rock). The island is famous for its diving activities around the whole Protected Marine Area. Ventotene has a rich artistic and archeological heritage in its archeological museum inside the 18 century Bourbon Castle, built in 1983. Some of the most important artifacts are the “Dolium” (a large earthenware vase or container used in ancient Roman times for storage or transportation of goods) salvaged from a boat who went down in the first century in Punta dell’Arco; typical old anchors for the “Admiralty Pattern”, well known as the anchor shape most familiar to non-sailors; the marble head of the Emperor Tiberio. All these artifacts hold up the importance of Ventotene as a perfect dock for commercial trades by sea in the VI century.